Live Irish Music at Belwood's Pub

Daniel O'Ryan
the Celtic Looper
will be playing live on
Sunday, July 8th
* Scottish Highland Bagpipes
* German Medieval Bagpipes
* Irish Whistles & Flute
* Indian Daduka & Barrel Drum
* Mandolin & Bouzouki
* Electric & Acoustic Guitar
styles of music
* Celtic Music: Up-beat & ambient traditional and original Irish and Scottish songs. Drums, bouzouki, highland pipes and penny-whistles.
* European Medieval Music:  Traditional music played in the pubs throughout the Middle Ages. Drums, bouzouki and bagpipes.
* Middle Eastern: Belly dancing music using drums, finger cymbals, flutes and bagpipes.
* Jazz Fusion: A blend of traditional jazz riffs and all the styles of music mentioned above.