Atomic Wing Challenge

Belwood’s Irish Pub is introducing the “Atomic Wing Challenge.” For $10.00, you get a dozen of the Atomic chicken wings, smothered in Steve’s special “Atomic” sauce.   The challenge?  Eat them all, in less than six minutes.  Complete the challenge and you get a $25.00 Bar/Food tab, and your photo on the Atomic wall of fame.

After you sign a waiver, absolving the restaurant of responsibility in the event you should begin vomiting uncontrollably, or go blind, there are a few more details to consider.  You can’t have anything to drink during the six minute challenge.  You can’t use any dipping sauces, such as blue cheese which would dampen the heat.  You can’t use a napkin or use anything but your mouth to strip meat from the bone and no touching your face.

Management will be doing the timing and making sure you follow the rules!!!  And of course, everyone will be cheering the participants on.

Stay tuned for more details!!!